Elegant and minimalistic poster hanger set that frames your poster in a stylish way. The wood strips are held together by magnets. All the other parts, such as eyebolts and the leather band arrives unassembled so you can decide and adjust after your preferred length. 4 bolts and 4 universal plugs are also included if you rather want the poster hanger to be mounted on the wall.

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Picture frames for posters – Stylish frames on Dear Sam

Buy the highest-quality picture frames on Dear Sam

All Dear Sam's frames are of extremely high quality. All picture frames come with premium acrylic glass. We offer wooden frames and metal frames in several different colours and finishes. Our wooden frames have a silk matte finish and are available in white, black and solid untreated oak. We also have metal frames in matte black, silver and gold. The gold frames have a luxurious glossy finish. The metal frames are made of aluminium and have a highly stable construction.
The acrylic glass in our frames is protected with plastic film on the front and back. This ensures a high level of protection during transport and handling. The acrylic glass also gives our picture frames a lower weight, which facilitates hanging. Each frame is available in five different sizes. We offer stylish frames in A4 size (21x29.7 cm), 30x40 cm, 40x50 cm, 50x50 cm, 50x70 cm and 70x100 cm. Combine our prints with photo frames of different sizes to create a more dynamic picture wall. Composing a picture collage is a personal way to give your living room, bedroom or kitchen a unique and individual look. Here we have gathered together lots of cool inspiration and tips on how to create your perfect picture wall.

Tips on how to enhance your posters with a frame

A nice frame makes a big difference and enhances your poster. Think about what style you want to convey on your picture wall, and then select the appropriate picture frames. In this process, it's a good idea to think about the colours and shapes already present in the room you are decorating. A good tip is to think about the overall impression. For example, if you have a wall where you intend to place several posters, then make sure that both posters and picture frames harmonise with each other, as well as with other interior decoration in the room. The colour of the wall also contributes to the overall effect. White picture frames against a dark wall stand out and take up more "space" than black frames. On a light wall, the conditions are reversed. Usually, it is easiest to achieve harmony if you choose picture frames in the same colour. If you want a classic picture wall, we recommend that you use black frames, preferably in different sizes. This will give a clear and stylish impression. Do you want your posters to blend more into the wall and thereby have your picture wall create a softer impression? Then choose white or oak picture frames.

Tips on how to create a nice picture wall

To create the perfect picture wall, you first need to decide how many posters and picture frames the wall should consist of. The easiest way to do this is to start by measuring the area on the wall that you intend to hang your pictures and posters on. For example, if you intend to set up pictures behind a sofa, you measure the sofa width and how high above the sofa you want to put the pictures. When you have measured the width and height, you can start by laying out the picture frames on the floor according to your measurements. Mix and match the combination of frames and motifs that you think look nice together. One tip is to mix different sizes of frames. Another tip is also to observe and be inspired by how other decorators have gone about creating their picture walls. Here you will find numerous examples of successfully composed picture walls. When you end up with a nice combination of pictures, you can take a picture with your mobile. Using the image as a reference, you can then easily arrange all the pictures and posters according to the composition you created on the floor. If there's two of you, this will be easier. One of you could stand a bit further away from the wall with the photo of the picture composition in your hand. It will then be easy to see if the person who is nailing up the pictures is positioning them correctly.

Tips on how to find suitable frames for your posters

It can be difficult to see for yourself which poster motifs and frames go well together. In general, black frames are a safe bet. With a black frame, most motifs get a classic expression. Another tip is to note which colours appear frequently in your posters, then use a frame that harmonises with the subject's colours. One example is natural motifs with earthy tones that often fit nicely with an oak frame. The earthy tone of oak interacts nicely with the beige tones that are often found in natural motifs, for example in a tree trunk. If you have chosen a poster with a more modern impression, such as fashion-oriented photo art, a frame in silver can give a tough and modern feel. If you want to give a poster a more luxurious impression, a frame in gold is recommended. Posters with abstract art work best with picture frames in white or black. The same applies if you want to match posters in bold or sparkling colours. In these cases it is therefore best to choose frames in white or black. The frames then provide a neutral support for the more lively expressions that the motifs convey.

Why You Should Combine Dear Sam Posters And Frames

Displaying your beautiful poster in a suitable frame will make it look even more eye-catching and better emphasise your print. It will also make it much easier to hang without causing damage to your walls. The fabulous selection of high-quality picture frames at Dear Sam means you can find the perfect choice to add a touch of personal style.

There are several reasons you should not stick posters directly onto your wall. But the main advantage is that a lovely mounting means you can keep your poster in excellent condition and create a decorative feature in a sustainable way and with maximum impact. Plus, they look fabulous!

Create An Artistic Feature With Frames For Prints

With posters displayed in our stunning frames, you can create your dream interior decor and atmosphere. From lively and playful to elegant and contemporary, frames for posters bring them to life. You can let your creativity have free rein to achieve the desired look. Combining different designs and images is an art form.

Creating an eye-catching feature or art gallery wall is a fabulous way to showcase your tastes in art or family photos. You can choose contrasting or harmonious colours, mix and match designs and experiment with different materials. You can also opt for Passepartout, which creates a margin around your image—Enhancing the overall appeal. When used with a classic photo frame, it has a powerful visual impact.

Frames For Photos, Prints And Posters In Every Style

Here at Dear Sam, you will find a vast collection of photo frames and frames for posters. Choose from classic models in untreated oak, wood and metal, various bold colours, and multiple sizes. They all come with hanging rings to make your interior design straightforward. Plus premium acrylic glass for the perfect finishing touch.

The right choice of frames for prints can add class and quality to any picture gallery wall.

  • Simple options like wood are perfect for a natural, clean look and a touch of elegance
  • Choosing an aluminium metal is ideal for the contemporary or industrial style look
  • Mixing materials, colours, designs and sizes add artistry and drama to the display
  • For a playful feature wall in children's rooms, colourful, bright options are fun
  • Where you want to focus on the artwork, clean lines and neutral colours are advisable
  • Select light coloured frames for simple art and darker ones for formal pieces
  • Black offers a bold, modern look, while white is more casual and eclectic
  • Match your choice to existing decor, so it complements or adds a hint of contrast
  • Choose a colour that is not too similar to your wall to ensure your poster stands out

Buy Our Versatile And Timeless Frames Online

Posters are like any other piece of artwork or painting. From an aesthetic point of view, you do not need to cover your walls with them. Choose your space carefully and add to their beauty by choosing frames online from Dear Sam.

Frames for photos, prints, and posters enhance the overall style of the images and add to your display's visual appeal. They also ensure that you do not have to re-paint and buy new posters when you move home or decide to change your room's look. Your wall is protected, and your high-quality prints are just like new.

Investing in superb picture surrounds to display your posters is well worth it. Showcase your favourite photos, posters and prints for everyone to enjoy. A high-quality frame from Dear Sam can stay with you for a lifetime.