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Adorn Your Home With Your Favourite Posters Of Animals From Dear Sam

We often think of posters of animals for children's rooms or play areas, and they certainly work there. Yet, they work equally well in other areas of your home. From dramatic animal posters to cartoon-type posters of animals from children's stories, we sell them all at Dear Sam. Vintage-style posters about animals as well as modern representations of them can add impact to your interior design.

From retro-chic to minimalistic styling, we have the perfect poster for you. Environmentalists, educationalists, lovers of animals and on-trend fashionistas all appreciate the statement a poster of animals can make. Check out our Instashop for more inspiring ideas on how to hang or frame your animal poster UK.

Making An Impact With Your Animal Posters UK

Posters of animals, while educational, also add life to a room. From the grandeur of a lion to a stork's elegance, displaying them in living rooms adds drama and interest. Posters about animals can display powerful images meant to be evocative and create talking points. As such, they need the right placement. A large single image poster becomes a statement and needs space. These are not posters to hang in a corner.

To brighten up a dull wall, consider a picture gallery. Hallways and staircases are especially good for these. The images can follow a particular theme like animals, bugs or insects, or a mixture of images that reflect your tastes. From magnificent blue whales to a bronze beetle, we have a wide range of animal, insect and bird photos and artist impressions. Mix and match your gallery wall with typography posters; these work very well with our posters on animals.

Framing your posters of animals is worth considering for several reasons:

  • Keeps your prints clean and dust-free
  • Enhances the images
  • Draws attention to the content
  • Adds context

Our high-quality frames are available in a range of materials, including wood and metal in various colours. The frames are in five different sizes, from 20x30 to 70x100 cm, including lovely gold and silver frames. Selecting Dear Sam Passepartout is another way to enhance your animal poster and improve protection.

Evocative, Fun Eye-catching Animal Posters

Placing posters of animals in your home is a way of raising awareness of them, along with their beauty and splendour. Choose fun, cute pictures for the children's rooms or wild animals seen less and less in nature. Educate as well as enjoy your animal art posters.

When hanging your prints, putting them in the right place is vital. Large animal posters work best in an open space as a focal point. Groups or pairs of smaller sizes look good above a headboard, mantlepiece or console. You could also consider illuminating an empty area with a poster plus LED lighting emphasising its features.

Remember when hanging a poster of animals to make it easy to view. You do not want neck strain looking at your wall art! The rule of thumb—how they do it at exhibits—is to leave between 152 to 160 cm from the floor to the middle of the wall.