Frequently Asked Questions

Questions regarding Orders

Where do Dear Sam ship from?

Dear Sam is a Swedish company and we ship from our warehouse outside Stockholm, Sweden.

How do I know you've received my order?

As confirmation that your order has been received, we send an order confirmation to your email address immediately after the order has been submitted.

I haven't received any order confirmation

If you're sure you've given the correct email address but haven't received an order confirmation, it may be due to technical delays or the confirmation may have unexpectedly ended up in your spam folder. Check your spam folder. Is there anything you are still unsure about? Please don't hesitate to contact our customer services. We'll be happy to help.

Where's my order?

Our delivery time is normally 1–6 working days calculated from the day after you submitted your order. After placing your order you will receive an order confirmation via email. You will receive an additional email with a tracking link as soon as your order leaves our warehouse. Just double check to make sure it didn't land in your spam folder, as emails sometimes end up there by accident.

Can I change the delivery address after submitting the order?

Changes can be made to your delivery address depending on the payment method you chose and how far your order has progressed in the delivery process. You're always welcome to contact our customer services for help.

I want to cancel my order, how do I do it?

Please contact us if you want to cancel your order. During our opening times, we can make any changes up to the time when the goods are dispatched from our warehouse.

Are my details secure at Dear Sam?

All personal data processing takes place in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation (also known as the GDPR under the EU General Data Protection Regulation). For full information, please see our General Terms and Conditions. We promise that we will process all personal data with the utmost care and responsibility.