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At Dear Sam, our aim is to create art that makes a difference to you.
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All our posters are printed on the highest quality archival 240 g environmentally-labelled paper.

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Top-quality posters

Today, buying affordable posters online is easier now than ever before. The quality of Dear Sam's posters can be compared to the much more expensive artwork that has traditionally been sold in exclusive shops in posh districts. From the start, Dear Sam has aimed to offer affordable posters without compromising on product quality or artistic talent in our designs. Dear Sam offers high-quality posters with Scandinavian design at really great prices. To achieve this, we have built up our range of posters mainly with self-produced art. With art created by ourselves, we can always guarantee high artistic value while closely following everything from classical art to the latest artistic trends. As part of this endeavour, we have also put a great deal of effort into finding the absolutely best digital offset machines to print our posters with. Our posters are printed on age-resistant 240 gsm paper of the highest quality. The paper has a matte surface finish to give our posters a fantastic, age-resistant appearance. Of course, we print our posters in some of Europe's most modern printing presses, to ensure we always deliver first-class results. In other words, Dear Sam makes fine art available to everyone.
Buying posters online – how does it work?
Posters online at Dear Sam. At Dear Sam, we think buying good-looking posters online should be a streamlined and inspiring process. Many wonder how the process of buying high-quality yet affordable posters online works. Dear Sam was started by e-commerce veterans with a great interest in art. We create many of our posters in-house. Furthermore, we stock all our designs, and have created specially designed cartons for safe and fast transport of our wall art, frames and posters straight to our customers. To achieve this exceptional customer service, we have built up an international logistics network in close cooperation with a number of the most reputable transport companies in the market.

Our goal is to be able to offer attractive posters and art prints, quick delivery times and affordable prices without compromising on quality. By dividing our posters into categories and themes, we want to make it easy to find the one that's perfect for you. We have posters to suit the kitchen, the living room, a child's bedroom, or why not hang your art print in the hall? We offer different frames that you can discover and choose for your posters on the product page. We have provided this option so that you can easily match your chosen posters with the perfect frame, right from the start!

Posters inspired by Scandinavian design

At Dear Sam, you will find a large assortment of posters and frames inspired by Scandinavian design. Paintings and posters with roots in Scandinavian design present simple shapes with an uncomplicated and clean design. When creating a poster inspired by Scandinavian and Nordic design, one often starts from forms, colours and patterns drawn from Scandinavia's magnificent nature. Therefore, details from trees and plants are common in Scandinavian art and design. Moreover, the interaction of light with nature's shapes and patterns is prominently featured in Scandinavian art. When Dear Sam's artists and creators create posters, the interplay between light and form is paramount for the final result.

Well-known Scandinavian designers

There are several famous foreground figures who pioneered Scandinavian design. Among these, we find the Swedish furniture designer Bruno Mathsson and the two Danish designers Arne Jacobsen and Hans Jørgen Wegner, who have created several design classics with their functional and clean design. An example of a classic design is the Y-chair/the Wishbone Chair designed by Hans Wegner. The Poster the Wishbone Chair Poster is a tribute and interpretation of the classic Y-chair. Orrefors glassworks should also be mentioned as the creator of iconic Scandinavian design.

Posters with democratic design

Like the iconic furniture company IKEA with its origins in Scandinavian design, Dear Sam creates democratic design. Dear Sam strives to create artistic, high-quality posters at a low price. Quite simply, posters in accordance with the principle of democratic design.

Posters in the Scandinavian colour scheme

The toned-down Scandinavian colour scheme is usually based on a white base with details in beige, brown and black. If you want to highlight your Scandinavian style, beige posters are a perfect choice for your picture wall.
Light wood, bark and leaf colours strengthen and enhance Scandinavian style. A good tip for a stylish Scandinavian interior is to choose a light ekram for your posters. Another tip for a perfect Scandinavian style is to put up posters with black details on a wall with a matte beige or greige (beige + grey) colour. Greige colour is the new trend in Scandinavian interiors. The poster Tie The Knot No 1 is a good example of a poster with a greige colour.

Posters with plants and nature

As is well known, nature plays an important role in Scandinavian design. Plants, for example, are an important element in the Scandinavian home. For those of you who do not want or can have plants, posters and paintings with plant motifs are a perfect way to create a cosy Scandinavian interior.

Give your home a new life with personalised posters

At Dear Sam, you will find posters created to be hung in both a horizontal/landscape and vertical/portrait direction. Everything you need to easily complement different rooms, interior styles and arrangements. We have posters in different sizes, categories and styles. It is easy to sort and search for your favourite posters via the search box at the top of the page. You can also easily use our search filter once you have sorted by category, for example abstract designs. Our pictures/frames are available in sizes 21x30, 30x40, 40x50, 50x70 and 70x100 cm. It's usually a good idea to combine several different sizes of frames to create a nice picture wall. If you have a favourite design, why not choose a large poster and position other pictures around this in a kind of collage. In this way, you can personalise your picture wall with a dynamic where several smaller pictures surround your favourite posters. Some designs fit especially well with a mounting board. A mounting board is a piece of thin cardboard that is placed between the poster and the acrylic glass top of the picture frame. A mounting board enhances the poster by increasing the focus on it. Some of our posters have a so-called "built-in" mounting board. Regardless, all of our prints are great for framing with or without a proper mounting board. Feel free to browse our Instagram Shop to see examples of unique and personalised picture walls. Perhaps you will find a favourite combination for your own living room? In order to ensure fast and secure delivery, we send all posters and frames in customised packages that are exclusively produced for posters with a frame.

Posters For Making Your Home Unique

Adding art to your walls using posters creates a unique space that reflects your personality and creates a mood for that particular space or room. At Dear Sam, you can browse our quality posters online to see the wide range of styles we have available. Visit our InstaShop to discover tips and ideas on how to create your poster art gallery, taking your rooms from mundane and boring to sophisticated and welcoming places.

Tips For Selecting Dear Sam Posters Online

First, you need to look at your space and think about the mood you want to create there with posters. Modern or traditional, colourful or black and white. Do you want a minimalistic style with “less is more” Picasso or Matisse line art posters? Or would you prefer the opposite, a “more is more” bold modern style? Visiting us online, you will discover Dear Sam’s discerning variety of motifs that can create a stylish space that reflects you.

Before you select your favourite prints from our collection, consider where they are going to hang. Do you want one large print, several smaller posters or a combination of the two? One way of checking out the end result is to take a picture of the empty wall first. Download the images of the posters online you are interested in and play around with them on your computer to find the exact look you want. Decide if you want your wall art to blend in with your existing colour scheme or contrast with it.

Presentation Is Important

The right frame will make your selected piece pop! Not only does the right frame protect from damage or wear and tear, but it also makes your art motifs into a focal point. Dear Sam posters can be hung vertically, which suits narrow walls or horizontally for a gallery look.

Frames can be found in a variety of colours and materials, from modern industrial to vintage. You will need to consider which work best with each other if you want a flowing feel to your decor. For minimalists, consider black frames with passepartout for a classy gallery-style presentation. Want a more bohemian feel? Try a mix of different colours and materials.

Remember that creating your art wall is a fun project, and we are here at Dear Sam to assist in finding just the style you need at a price you are happy with.