A picture says more than a thousand words, so they say. Interest in photo art has exploded and it is now an established category at the large auction houses. Here you will find everything from black and white fashion shots to nature photographs in colour. We are inspired by trends in art, interior design, fashion and design.

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Photo art posters – Photographic pictures and prints

Photo art – a modern classic

Photo art has been immensely popular for the last 20 years, and can now be said to be a classic in both traditional homes and the trendiest art galleries. Photography as an art form was accepted during the 20th century and can today be said to be a modern classic in the art world. There are few art forms that are as multi-faceted as photo art. Stylish posters and pictures with photo art can convey a variety of messages. Dear Sam has a wide selection of photo art "affiche" posters. Everything from a cute little rabbit to a photograph of endless nature, or why not a poster with an zoomed-in photograph of an architectural work. Posters with photographic motifs are a matter of course for any self-respecting picture wall.

Famous photo art that touches the soul

Everyone likely agrees that photo art can be deeply touching. Photographic works of art have long been a popular feature of exclusive art galleries and museums around the world. Photo art can be divided into different types and approaches. These include: conceptual photography that illustrates an idea. This is often seen in advertising, where images are used to convey a clear concept, often with actors or props. You can also say that when it comes to photography, the artwork is more than the image itself. Conceptual photo art is common. At Dear Sam, the poster called The American Dream Poster is a good example of conceptual photo art. Documentary photography is another style of photography that provides a simple and accurate picture of people, places, objects and events. The Golden Earring Poster shows a simple and straight image of a woman in black and white; a photo art poster with a documentary photography approach. With insight into the approach, idea and starting point of a photographic work, it is usually easier to understand why photo art touches us and has become such a popular feature in many picture walls.

But this is also a common occurrence in photo art. At Dear Sam you can find a wide selection of photo art posters featuring super famous people, so-called icons. Including Greta Garbo, Brigitte Bardot, David Bowie and others. Several of these iconic black and white pictures can be found here.

Decorating with photo art

Decorating your home with framed photo art posters is both attractive and fun. There are few interior details that give such an overall effect to the interior of the home as framed photo art posters. Pictures with photographic motifs can convey many different styles, which means work depending on motifs will be the perfect choice for a picture wall. A picture wall composed solely of photo art pictures is a popular feature in a modern home with Scandinavian decor. Something that many people miss is that photo art pictures often nicely complement a wall of abstract art. By mixing posters with different art forms you can create an interesting and dynamic picture wall. Dear Sam has a large selection of photo art in colour or monochrome black and white. A picture wall with mixed pictures and posters, with some black and white images is a very popular interior detail, both for professional interior designers and for those with less experience who wants to be sure that they are decorating on-trend. Black and white pictures provide a timeless touch and complement most interior styles. Our black and white posters come in a variety of styles and categories. A nice combination is to collect several black and white photographs together in a picture wall. Typically, 3-5 pictures are used to compose a stylish and on-trend picture wall. At Dear Sam, there is a wide selection of affordable posters and inspiration for finding black and white posters that will look perfect in your living room. Also, why not check out our Instashop. Here you can see how others have decorated their homes with posters from Dear Sam.

Let Photography Posters Transform Your Space

Photography is one of the most impressive art types, and photography posters can bring it to life in your home. It captures moments, not just scenes, with artists evoking instant emotion with their beautiful creations. Photography posters the perfect addition to your wall because they immediately engage people.

Since it is such a diverse area, you will find an extensive and eclectic collection at Dear Sam. Choose from wild landscapes, famous personalities, animals, flowers, urban graffiti, and so much more. You will find colourful photos, close-up studies and gorgeous black and white images in a range that defines trend and style.

The creativity of these artists knows no bounds, so you are sure to find the ideal print design to personalise your space. Photography poster design is an artform and captures moments and people like no other medium.

How Dear Sam Photo Art Posters Add A Unique Touch

Artists use light, shadow, focus and colours to create the overall mood and impact of a photograph. When added to your home, they define your style, contribute a unique look and create an atmosphere. You become an artist yourself when you choose photography posters and prints from Dear Sam.

You can combine images, colours and designs to your heart's content and even create an impressive themed feature wall. For a clean-lined monochrome look, use black and white posters, coordinate your images, or mix colours for a lively gallery wall. They also combine well with typography or quotes. Only your imagination and wall space can set the limits!

Bring Life To Your Home With Photography Posters UK

Using photo posters allows you to express your personality with fabulous prints from around the world or fashion photography posters. If you need inspiration, take a look at our InstaShop to give your creativity a jump start. There are no limits when you choose photography posters UK from Dear Sam.