Classic and timelessness are key words for our collection of vintage designs.
Vintage illustrations work perfectly as a personal touch on your picture wall 
for a country cottage or a bohemian, classic or retro-inspired home.

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We have collected, restored and produced posters with vintage motifs for all homes. Posters of herbs and flowers in retro style give a room a homely feeling, even if your home is modern or retro-inspired. The motifs of that time can be anything from an illustrative expression in the form of educational motifs of plants and animals, to older photographs with high contrast. Either way, we love and are inspired by aesthetics from the past.

The illustrative motifs we use for our new range of vintage posters were often made to educate. Before photography, illustration and painting were used to spread knowledge about the world and its species. Therefore, animals and plants are common and recurring motifs. The work that the artists of that time put into producing these illustrations is reflected in their quality, and that is also why these motifs are still appreciated and preserved.

Our posters are inspired by vintage furniture and decoration, not actual vintage prints. In fashion contexts, it is sometimes claimed that clothes should be at least 25 years old to be called vintage. When it comes to photography, one often calls an image repro and then one refers to new production of photographs based on an older original.

What Makes Dear Sam’s Vintage Posters So Special?

Vintage posters are iconic images and never go out of style. These stunning prints are works of art and add individuality to your interior design. All the images and motifs we sell have an excellent old-fashioned vibe, with the subdued colours and aesthetics of the past. Special effects such as faded shades or vintage movie posters in black and white give all our prints that special something.

There are no limits to your creativity and imagination. You can combine vintage posters with any other category or style for an eclectic and eye-catching look. Our vintage and natural landscapes posters, for example, work spectacularly well together. Creating a feature wall of assorted colourful designs or a bold gallery of black and white prints can transform your space.

How To Be Creative When Displaying Vintage Posters

Here at Dear Sam, you will also find a whole range of high-quality picture frames to match your chosen vintage posters. These are available in various sizes, and you can combine your print with gold, black, white or silver-coloured frames. Alternatively, opt for poster strips or wooden frames for a real vintage finish. Create walls filled with patterns and colour, or keep it classically chic and simple.

There are numerous ways to showcase vintage posters effectively and create an all-round vintage style in your room.

  • Use poster strips and Passepartout in combination to emphasise the images
  • Old fashioned poster rails add a natural touch and radiate true vintage style
  • A natural white frame with passe-partout or bold black frames offer a good focus
  • A vintage travel poster over a mantelpiece is a great place to spotlight your image
  • Golden frames give vintage posters an additional elegant and upscale style
Lean your framed prints against a wall or sideboard for a laid-back contemporary look

You can create a photo gallery with groups of small prints or make a real visual statement with several large versions. Arrange them closely together for maximum impact and use simple matching frames to tie together the posters. Combine different sizes, colours and frame designs or go bold with a gallery wall of fabulous vintage movie posters. Or why not put your vintage music posters centre stage and display them on an old fashioned wooden easel?

Ordering Your Vintage Posters UK From Dear Sam

Browse the exciting collection of vintage posters at Dear Sam and check out our InstaShop for more inspiration and tips. You are sure to find a theme that can breathe new life into your surroundings. Introducing antique and vintage posters into your home adds an instant splash of flair and creativity.

Once you have found your favourites, select the sizes you require and place the items in your shopping cart. You do not need a customer account to complete your purchase and can then select” Proceed to checkout”. Remember to order your matching frames from Dear Sam, and your new vintage posters UK will be ready to hang shortly!