Poster hanger black

Elegant and minimalistic poster hanger set that frames your poster in a stylish way. The wood strips are held together by magnets. All the other parts, such as eyebolts and the leather band arrives unassembled so you can decide and adjust after your preferred length. 4 bolts and 4 universal plugs are also included if you rather would like to mount the poster hanger on the wall.
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Poster hanger black Poster hanger black Poster hanger black Poster hanger black
Poster hanger black

About our frames

Poster hangers are used all around the globe by designers, photographers and artists. If you want an elegant and minimalistic way to frame your poster, the poster hanger is the way to go. Our poster hangers are produced with high quality, certified wood. Insert the eyebolts in the pre-drilled holes on the upper side of the top strip of wood. You’re able to adjust the placement by fasten the leather band to the eyebolts after your desire length.

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